Recent Speech of Sahla Pravin

About you does not have to become your reality every no and every rejections that came to my life had made me who I am ?when you believe in a dream and when you can see it visualise it it can become reality and the same organisation with rejected me invited me to become the trainer there. my name is Sahil Parveen. I am the author of the book the beauty of purpose in life. when I was a little girl I was as beautiful as any other little girl but I never believe so.

I had dyslexia I just hate works works are you see MSN NSW. but everyone you think I was lazy to learn. I struggled through out my teenage but somehow managed as a below average student an average student. I was 11 one day I went to my library. everyday we have every week we have library yaar and I got one book in my hand. the name which I could. I lived in imagination world.

that was the first book issued from the library with a heart to read. it to get home next three days I start with do I couldn’t understand so many words but I completed the book and I got the message that when you believe in a dream and when you can see it visualise it it can become reality. my thought process started shifting by then the next three years books became my best friends.

I started reading everything about mind heart love religion everything that I feel to read. then I came to question to pursue my MBA in FISAT better School. the real transformation happened when I attended one session mind mastery session for 2 days and then I went for the session I realised every thought process I think that believe love meditation visualisation.

there are lot of people who believe in it and they can come to Reality. it is me who have to change first to make the transformation. when I went to the session I was so excited. I came back to my college. I went to my DNA was speaking so exciting about the topic and ask him can I just share this with friends in the college just wanna. you take a session for juniors tomorrow.

I was so happy when back to my hostel prepare the slides of 20 slides and next day I am going to the class to take the session and on the way on the owner of my teacher asked your ability class just class about mind and she’s like you think your group pass BA 1st sem exam and that’s like that that’s when I started getting my first heartbeat why am I going to take a class but still somehow managed to reach the class of my juniors in iPhone 65 students looking at me like this and I was getting very weak heart Heartbeat why did it come here I am ok let me start.

I opened it slides and I was explaining each and every slide and when it was almost reached xix slide I look the time and I found it was just 15 minutes past and I have 45 minutes left and that when I just close my ticket cheap rate and started to speak from my heart. I somehow managed to complete the 45 minutes I am like this is the last session and ever taken my life and when I was going out of the class student started clapping and coming behind saying yeah you are right I was not confident about me what you say that. Was right and that’s where I started feeling wonderful. feeling that I have never got in my life they posted about my session in my fb profile I didn’t have a page then and watching this another friend of mine invited me to their college to do the session and I constantly started doing the sessions. that’s how my carrier begin the was the national level organisation who were starting their Cochin office and they were looking for trainers. I went for the interview and I attended the interview very confidently.

at the end of the interview interview interview told me your performance is good servant but no one is going to listen to a 23 year old girl. you have to take sessions two people who are the duration experience. I was like yeah that’s true I am too young to start doing sessions. I felt very bad Sada prasann when home. then few days afterwards when I was listening to a speech of Les Brown their get the coating. you are never too young to start teaching or Never too old to stop learning. their start my journey again. every rejections that came to my life had made me who I.

am if I got the first stop then I wouldn’t have started my organisation. but all of us what we do when we listen to I know we stop there. someone’s opinion about you does not have to become your reality. when someone tells you you have to become that this that this why should we listen listen to your heart. listen to yourself. it’s OK to fail. bye bye then I saw you doing again sessions and there was a TV interview about me that add me as the youngest mind power trainer. event on very viral and the same organisation with and by then as I had made a profile. I partner with them and started doing entrepreneurial programs in coaching by next year I give to my own organisation give and grow Global Foundation.

now in the whole journey it’s not going to be easy and peoples are asking me how do you do it ? and that have started writing the beauty of purpose in life in between I started doing small video locks for 4 minutes and posting in my fb profile. the first video lock when to 1.5 Lakh view was in a day. I started getting messages. within video I had put a video named how can you learn English in 3 steps. which when 1.5 million in a day. without knowing the need and giving.

I will tell you something. success is not about how much money you make where you stand what is the position or are you famous. success is all about can you really smile from your heart.

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