IPS Rajan Singh Speech

Trisha introverted care I don’t have any special talent. I ice lock forgot 6-7 months but that effort I was able to clear the civil services exam in the first attempt. I decided to finalize IPS against advice from every single person and you to be successful in o’clock. I don’t deny that I don’t deny that these rules but the thing.

my name is dancing. I mean it graduate excise officer and MBA from walkman and currently. I am not spinner under startup call conceptowl which are launched to bring high quality learning to students in small towns and rural areas. now sometimes people of my friends is to ask me like your holiday Pintu it be an IPS officer MBA from what after that. what is remaining like you tried everything. already so so why do you want to do something different.

so this story starts in early 1987 Assam. my father was in the different services and we will get post to different places and then there in this very very small town in Assam. where the quality of schooling was really poor. I used to be a very very shy introverted care. I don’t have any special talent. I wouldn’t want to mix with the children. I would not go out and play and my would be always to recite some there’s nobody would see me. my parents of the student like that they wanted me to go out and play and around but all the efforts attitude result. but when I was in 5th grade in 5th class. I happen to top the class.

That suddenly give me a passport to something to to be somebody special. everyone of us we want to be special in some way. for me now suddenly found that there was one thing that I was good at which is studies economics and I left onto it.

luckily when I was going to class 9th. My father was transferred from Assam to Allahabad. later one day two students from IIT Kanpur. they were on vacation the Kintu my school and their to killshot session with told us about engineering about iit is and that got really excited and I decided ok I want to go to IIT Kanpur.

I haven’t got this book which have the last 10 years previous question papers for IIT JEE. even though I was the topper of the class when I started solving I could not solve even one problem from the whole question paper. I could not even put my pen on paper.

That is very less that was very very high. I Was Nobody That. what you do now. I bought those those books do you think is very thing books for physics Chemistry Maths and for next one year I really slog. every single day I would study till late in the night.

then even when I get very tired in the night I would light on the bed and read the book and I don’t remember that one year. I don’t think I was switched off the light and went to sleep deliberately. what happens at the reading at some point while reading I would fall asleep the lights on.

as a result of all that’s log I finally made it to my dream college which was it control . it was it was fun but those four years they just few by its just friend so quickly and before I realised to US time to now find a job. I was not very I do not want to do regular corporate job.

it’s important excite me as looking for something special something challenging. I found that in the form of civil services. I remembered the IIT JEE preparation. I remember that if you even if the time period is shot if you really slog. you can you can achieve your goals.

she also the same confidence and the same convectional Singh hard work. I ice lock forgot 6-7 months but that effort. I was able to clear the civil services exam in the first attempt. I joined in police service. now live today it will exciting Imagine. The challenges you faced are completely new.

when I was still my twenties. I was planning to Bangalore city police and hard water and half thousand police man working under me in the city police. how is really enjoying it but what happened was as you are you start doing asking again and again naturally. It started feeling refrigerator and after few years.

I was not it’s not enjoying it anymore. It was like doing the same thing again and again. I started wondering I was very 30 years old and retirement age in government services 60 years. we have 13 years left and the question was should I keep doing same thing which I don’t really enjoy as much for next 30 years. I was comfortably settle. my daughter was to 3 years old at the time when everybody wants to the settlor. I started thinking of living IPS and told this to friends family.

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