How to prepare for NEET 2021 to score 650+ marks Part-2

Say 180 total question for all three subjects, so you should keep in mind that you are having a NEET exam even when you are doing chapter wise say if you set one and a half hour for 100 question practice with 25 questions each of physics and chemistry and 50 of biology you have to do it continuously for 1 and a half-hour in a time-bound manner. you have to note that while doing practice some students stick to one question only and waste a lot of time there. you should not do this, the practice should be similar to the exam because once it will get to your habit no one stops you from qualifying this exam because habit develops with practice, and habits once formed are difficult to change next is the revision plan for NEET 2021 exam.

exam schedule.

we will follow the same daily, weekly, monthly, and half-yearly and yearly. I have already told you that daily before going to bed you have to invest 10 min each to all three subjects. similarly, you have to do a weekly revision of all three subjects with 30 min each in one and a half hours. then you will do similarly for 15 days for 1 hour each subject download the schedule that I have given you for chemistry.

You just need to copy that schedule for physics and biology as it is how many hours you need to give to physics and biology for revision and how much time should be kept for the test then we need to follow for one month, then for 3 months in 2 hrs of revisions for each subject, if you will revise like this, you can consider that before the exam you will have 10- 15 times revision and you won’t forget that ever so you have to follow as I have told you and I will also tell you about revision in last this is only 30 weeks planning. Rest we will do later.

Next is how to take the test at home. whenever you will take a test at home, first of all, switch off the mobile phone, there should not be any disturbance and you will attempt the test after locking your room as you do in the exam hall. Always try to have a test from 2-5 pm if you can manage to do that and do that on Sunday, it will benefit you more. take the test only when you are prepared properly and always keep in mind you should not study before the test and should not revise anything if you revise the test syllabus you will miss the daily schedule no revision should be there before any test because at the time of the exam you won’t be able to revise all 98 chapters on last day.

The first attempt gets you 300 marks.

you should not make any such habit which you can’t follow on the last day and you will attempt only those questions which you know. You have to try that only 5-6 mistakes can be there out of all 180 questions. even if you score 200 marks in the first test, if you try to have minimum mistakes, you will surely get 650+ one day. So try to keep your mistakes minimum. After completing the test how many questions you left, how many mistakes are there, how many guesses went correct, and how many went wrong. you have to do this analysis daily 30 minutes at least. Analysis of the whole exam should be like this, either that was your coaching exam or it was the previous year exam or be it any other test. You will analyze that in some way, which questions you left, why you left, which formula you didn’t recollect, and why where you got stuck.

When I take your test, you must have seen that generally, we put initial questions easy then generally 5th or 6th will be time-consuming, even then if the 7th or 8th question will be easy you don’t feel like doing it. That’s why that 3 hours analysis is necessary. After that, you will note down the mistakes you committed in the test , either you left some question or have made any guesses, you have to analyze each and every single thing if you keep following this, all your tension will be removed and will get this much confidence that you will easily qualify the exam. you will score more marks then your set target.

discipline in exam time.

I believe the strategy I make is always a bit tougher to follow but if someone follows that, then he/she can secure a rank in the top 100 students but only when followed with dedication after watching this video even if you are having some doubt so you can ask by commenting in the comment section. I will make a separate video on those doubts. now continuous videos will be uploaded for you, so keep yourself updated about all the videos If you have selected me as your mentor then you don’t need to think now. Your complete plan, preparation, motivation everything is my responsibility now. what you need to do is hard work with honesty, discipline, and dedication.

If you do like this, you can easily qualify the exam and if you want to score 170+ in chemistry, the link is in the description below check them if still facing any problem you can call me to ask your doubt but you will be completely dependent on me for chemistry even if you want any demo video, you just need to put that in the comment section, After all, this, if you still have some doubt you can ask that in the comment section, If possible I will make a separate video on that join be wise classes YouTube channel, be wise classes telegram channel, 5 am club telegram group and also ask your friends to join to get all updates about videos for both 2020 and 2021.

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