How to prepare for NEET 2021 to score 650+ marks Part-1

2 lectures in boron and carbon family, 2 or 3 lectures in gaseous state Similarly 2 or 3 lectures in redox, chemical equilibrium is also a small chapter solid state is also a small chapter so it will not take a whole week If a chapter is like chemical bonding, then we have to invest 2 – 3 weeks, we should have this plan like we have GOC 2, it will take 16 lectures, so you can assume that we will give minimum 3 weeks to that chapter at least 5 -6 question are expected from such chapters, so you can’t finish that in one week we will do properly by giving less time to short chapters and utilizing the remaining this in long chapters we won’t invest 1 week in hydrogen and its compounds, it just requires 1 day you have to do one thing now.

NEET 2021 timetable.

The day-wise plan that I have for you in chemistry mentioning when to do which topic that you have to do this topic on 30th September and this topic on 15th December you will have a holiday on this day and test on that day, you download that for chemistry from be wise or you can get the link from the description of this video Now, you have to make the same plan for physics and biology keeping more days for long chapters and fewer days for short chapters if you get some doubt somewhere ask your physics or biology faculty and set your plan accordingly but we have to make the same plan like I have provided you for chemistry you don’t need to worry about chemistry at all. Just need to follow me for completely so this is our road map that how will we work and what will be the planning, in how many days will we do which chapter Now we will talk about NEET 2021 timetable.

First of all, we have two types of students first are those who are having online school classes and later their offline classes will resume second those students who are doing self-study or have joined coaching and following that properly first of all we will discuss for self-study students, you have to invest more time because you have extra time if you take physics, chemistry or biology if we talk about all three, if you take any coaching or read any notes or have any individual coaching like following me for chemistry, so have to invest minimum one and half hour say by watching a lecture.

if you watch a daily one and a half-hour lecture for all three subjects that will be four and a half hours. after that, you will invest 30 mins for the subject daily to revise that lecture I have taught you how to follow that. Say, I have taught you Fajan rule and solubility what you have to do is to remind each and everything for 5 mins without opening the notes what all I taught in solubility and what were the three important points that I have asked you to remember after that open your notes and thoroughly revise for 20 minutes each and everything properly then close the notes and for 5 mins try to remind what all you learnt today and where I told you not to do a specific mistake where I said that this thing will be asked in the exam as it is.

important and learning things For NEET 2021.

You have to remind all those important and learning things. this will be of 30 mins for physics, chemistry, and biology. This will be your one and a half hour total will be a 6-hour study. Now you have to practice questions for all three subjects for three hours. you have to do this in the evening 2 to 5 pm regularly. This will be theory and question practice after that we will give one hour for revision to all three subjects, what all you studied today and in the last 2 – 3 days. what you read today should be revised in the evening today itself in 5 or 10 mins for all three subjects similarly next day, you will revise that day’s and yesterday’s topic together then you will follow the same pattern for three days subsequently you have to repeat any single topic for three days continuously before leaving that.

doing this will ensure that you won’t forget any topic ever after that you will note down your mistakes daily for 30 to 60 mins and will revise them you can do revision and mistake note down in one hour keep one thing in mind, more the time you will invest in mistake note down and revision, more will be the improvement in you. more will be your marks and better will be your rank if you are at zero today and you will invest more and more time to the revision you can easily be in the top 100.

It all depends on your dedication level along with that, some students focus more on theory but I would suggest you focus more on question practice. By learning theory, you will feel that you know the concept but it won’t fetch you marks in the exam and when you don’t get marks in the test you feel demoralized and feel you will not get selection this time too. so I request you to give more time to question practice, revision, and mistake improvement you will do mistake improvement by noting down your mistake be it a calculation error, formula mistake in physics. you will get to know how to write this when you will do it regularly for days and weeks also how to do that systematically and efficiently you should start from today at least, miracles don’t happen overnight so this is a proper plan, now we will talk about the school going students for those who are going to school.

we can assume that your school timing will be 8 am to 2 pm so you have 6 hours for your school, what you have to do after that you should try not to study immediately after the school hours after school hours, from 2 -4 pm, keep half an hour for rest and remaining time to complete your homework. we don’t have to focus more on that part as your score exam marks or board marks won’t decide your selection in NEET your college will be the deciding factor. If you will reach AIIMS Delhi, MAMC, KGMC, AFMC, then the value will be more if you get good marks in school and won’t get a good college then it will not benefit you so focus more on NEET preparation because you need only 50% in school now for the remaining time till sleeping before 12 midnight.

Revision For Exam Time.

you will have 4 pm to 12 midnight you have to try giving at least 6 hours to study giving 1 hour each to all three subjects for theory and lectures and one hour for self-study and revision because you have less time you have to study with more concentration, efficiency and productivity after that you will practice questions for one and hour for all three subjects. after that, in the last 30 minutes you can note down your mistakes and revise I suggest you invest these 30 minutes in the morning that will be more effective and productive, so keep that in the morning . After this 30 weeks plan is ready with us. After this, for board exams, we will focus on that during the time of board exams in that month only.

I will tell you how to do that, don’t worry about that also. But you have to invest more and more time for NEET preparation. now the major problem that students will face is that a class 12 student will ask that he has not read the class 11 syllabus for so long. How will such students follow? first of all, you will cover those chapters of all three subjects which are helpful in class 12 as well speaking about chemistry such chapters are Mole concept, atomic structure, the periodic table, and then chemical bonding are some of the most important chapters so, firstly you will complete these four chapters, I have also completed these chapters, you can follow from there also. after doing these you won’t face any issue in chemistry, and you have to do the same for physics and biology also first complete the basic chapters then you can cover the class 12 syllabus. now if you want to cover the 11th class syllabus also with 12th, then first cover 12th and then move on to class 11 syllabus.

but first, cover the basics. if we talk about chemistry, as I have made a plan for you in chemistry you have to follow the same for physics and biology. I have given only 5 lectures to you in a week so that you can have a revision or cover the backlog. also, those who have recently joined us or will join us soon can easily cover-up by working for 7 days in a week or this time can be used when you get other issues like health emergencies this time can also be used to cover any backlog from physics or biology. that’s why I kept that at 5 days. Even then I will cover the whole syllabus before 3rd Feb One more important thing that students requested to have a telegram group, so its there on telegram, those who haven’t joined can join it because I will motivate you there and will guide you on weekly basis we will put some post or voice messages there and will be active there and will also solve some questions there along with chemistry, you can also discuss physics and biology questions there. only enrolled students will be allowed there who are doing really good and even I am getting motivated and students are getting help by sitting in their homes.

Follow NCERT Textbook.

I will try to make an offline environment where it will be more fun, ask all your friends to join but only enrolled students will be allowed there now, coming to important books for the NEET2021 exam. for chemistry you have to follow only NCERT, you just need to have a register, a pen, and NCERT after that you have to follow what all I am teaching to you, I have given enough questions to you talking about chemical bonding, I have given you 550 questions and you will also get 2 more tests having 45 questions each after doing this much questions, I don’t think there will be a single question for anywhere else. even in all other chapters, I have tried to keep a minimum of 300 questions. Say atomic structure has more than 350 questions, some short chapters have fewer questions also but mostly I followed lengthy the chapter more will be the number of questions so you can remain tension free for chemistry portion.

Now coming to physics and biology First we will talk about biology as it has more weightage, you have to read NCERT more and more along with that if you follow a book MTG fingertips for biology. If you follow NCERT and this book for biology you can be relaxed for biology also. After that you have to follow one more book, if having any coaching or faculty models then you can use that and if you are doing self-study then you can use the MTG guide. This is sufficient for chemistry if you don’t want to do it then you can follow Cengage objective book but this book is having so extra level questions so you don’t need to do that.

All this is sufficient Then you have to follow the same in Physics also. Some students ask about HC Verma looking at the NEET level, you don’t need to do HC Verma. Even then if you want, you can follow this. along with this, you can read NCERT for physics. You can’t solve paper by reading NCERT, it’s not that easy for you. first, you have to prepare proper theory in physics and practice questions and you can do NCERT, at last, you can follow the NCERT exemplar in physics and biology but you just have to follow MCQ no need to follow subjective questions.

if you are not having an NCERT exemplar then you can download from the NCERT website both books and examplar you might get a doubt that do you have to do it for only Physics and biology I have provided you whole chemistry exemplar in exercise 1 part b all MCQ questions are provided. You have to do one thing, in part a of exercise 1, all questions are provided in part b, all examples are provided, there are good level questions in exercise 2 exercise 3 has all 32 years previous year questions of NEET and in exercise 4, all expected questions from IITJEE exam are provided.

That’s why I am saying you don’t need to worry about chemistry. you have to complete previous year questions for physics and biology also. Last 32 years for physics and 15 years for biology. from 2006 to 2019 is enough because, after 2006, NCERT was changed so if you do previous year questions before that you can get some questions that might be there in NCERT now. you may get demotivated because of this so you need to do from 2006 onward.

you don’t need to do IIT and JEE mains questions for physics, if you do a 32-year paper properly, that is sufficient all that I told you is enough, next point is about question practice while doing that you need to keep in mind that better the question practice will be, more will be the confidence, whenever you will do question practice, you will always keep in mind that you are solving NEET paper if you are practicing NEET questions for 2-3 hours.

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