How To Cracked UPSC Exam In 2021

It took me 40 minutes of toclear their concepts. After all, I have cracked the UPSC pre-exam! Nice. Even your dad said the same thing. I must say you have picked a very good restaurant. Yeah… SOCIALLY is quite a popular place. Seems like Karl Marx himself has laid the founding stone of the place. It was a joke It would have been a laugh riot among UPSC students. Do you know the word Socialismgot popularised in the 18th century? During the French revolution. – I believe.

I would like to try out our new and complimentary Tanzania Pea Berry Coffee specially imported for our restaurant only. Perfect choice for a romantic evening. – It’s imported – Yes sir How much excise duty would have been levied on this? Sir I have only brought this here from the kitchen and not directly from customs. Good Thank you. Thank you, sir. Sorry, there was a long queue in the washroom. I guess you found something more interesting than me?

start studying from Unacademy.

No. I started studying. Studying? Yeah, whenever I get time I start studying from Unacademy. This is one of the USP’s of Unacademy that you can learn wherever and whenever you want. After all, I have cracked the UPSC pre-exam! Unacademy? You don’t know Unacademy? It’s a learning app, all the competitive exam are listed here Look. Railways, Banking, UPSC, CDA, etc you will get all the exams. So you can learn for each and every exam and also download the lessons. Was just revising about the SC/ST Amendment. Main Exams are also approaching. So you have installed only these apps or you have some dating apps also installed on your phone?

You get all the dates on this app You get all the exam dates on this. Good, Let’s go. Dad was saying you have some tourism business. Not again! Its. I’m a travel blogger. Do you like travelling? Yes, I like it very much. So where have you travelled till now? See the most memorable trip was to Verona. I went on a solo trip. Anyway… You said you also like travelling so… What is your favourite place? My favourite place is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum. I like that very much. But since I’m preparing for UPSC exams so

I keep visiting Red Fort, CentralLibrary, Jallianwala Bagh. You are quite weird. Funny. You are quite a funny guy. Very funny. Actually I was quite nervous about this meeting Dad suddenly told me to meet you and it was a very awkward situation. Even I was very nervous but thought…. since we are meeting for the first time should gift you something meaningful. So, thought a lot about what to buy and finally brought this gift for you. How sweet! Please open it and see. “Pratiyogita Arpan” What is this book for? It’s a gift Yeah, but

You gift something romantic when you meet a girl for the first time. Yeah, chapter 6… The entire love triangle of Khilji, Ratan Singh, and Padmavati is explained very briefly in this. What you saw in the film Padmavati, was fictitious You should read this all your concepts will be clear. – It’s quite romantic- Yeah it’s quite romantic, Thank you. Excuse me! Can I ask you a question? Yeah please go ahead. When was your first kiss? Actually I have never kissed ’cause

Can I ask you a question?

I was in a boys’ school from childhood. then I was sent to boarding school There were three-four girls in our colony but mom made them tie rakhi to me. So, the kiss never happened. Can I ask you a question? Sure. I hope you won’t feel offended? When did the ChauriChaura incident happen? Listen, I’m getting very late, can we just call for the bill? Yeah, Excuse me! What is this? 5% GST plus service tax plus service charges? What sort of business class service have you provided that you are charging us so much? You make us sit on the terrace in the name of Open Air and that too without AC Plus you have added AC charges in the bill.

Air is free right or will you charge us for that as well? Instead of tissue, you kept toilet paper. This is not the place to keep toilet paper. What? It’s okay, I’ll get it. it’s my treat. No, No Rinki, It’s not about money. It’s about principals. Just let me clear my Main exam of UPSC Once I come into position I would remove all taxes and charges. Only services will be left. I’m not talking because of money. But listen to me. I was selected for IIT I could have easily done engineering to become a YouTuber and settle down, But I chose UPSC, you know why?

Because I still see British rule in every restaurant. And I hate paying these extra charges. you think I’m a fool? After all, I have cracked the UPSC pre-exam! Did you understand? What are you saying sir, Even I have cleared UPSCpre exams two times. Let me know if you clear the mains. Bill! Okay okay. you are very ill-mannered. Thank you, sir, thank you ma’am Let’s just get out of here? yeah, let’s leave. Who parties in happy hour man? It’s like… I can’t control if someone talks about UPSC.

Rinki! Hi dear! Whatsup? I noticed that you have blocked me from all social network sites. Myself Sudhir Bunty Is he your friend? Hello brother She is not my friend is my girlfriend… Ex Ask her Who suggested her about the travel industry? Me. We have visited MP twice, Shimla and Khajuraho once, And in fact, we did go for sightseeing in Shimla. #wander #lust We would have been in Mauritiusif not for the breakup. Visa was also done. You don’t require a visa for Mauritius. Someone made a fool out of you.

cleared UPSC Pre exams.

I’ll keep the visa at my place. where did you meet this idiot? let’s go? Listen Rinki! I’m reminded of this song by your name since morning. <i> sings a popular Bhojpuri song Okay at least tell me whether it’s a yes or a no? ’cause dad will ask me about our meeting? Will we meet further or not? You would still like to meet me? I mean.. you don’t have a problem with all that happened? Problem? Everybody has a past. I’m not judging you based on your past. You are very understanding.

Of course, you have cleared UPSC Pre exams. It has nothing to do with UPSC at all. It’s quite natural to have a past. What are you doing next Friday? Nothing much… – So…- Just revising GK – Ok can I ask you a question?- Sure What happened in 1869? In 1869….Cuban RevolutionaryParty was formed, Mendeleev wrote the periodic table for the first time. And Gandhiji was born What happened in 1879? In 1879 nothing historic happened. Really? sure? Of course, there was an event Gandhiji turned 10 in 1879.

You are quite weird and funny. What happened in 1889? I’m sorry dear. Please stop. You said that you should gift something romantic on the first date. So none of your cousins tease you with that song?

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