how to Cracke JEE mains in 1 month

I would like to ask both of you that, what you think are the common successful strategies you find among the successful aspirants. I would like to start with you Anand! I have seen a lot of students and every student is unique, but one thing is very common across all these top students or I would say not only top students but those who actually cross the line or those who do not cross the line. There is a difference between these guys – One – as sir said, that they are very, you know, focused… because they don’t deviate in terms of books, teachers, and mentorship. And, apart from that, they remain very calm throughout these preparation years.

I would love to take an example… There was this kid, Shubham. He came to me in 2012, and he was a good student and when I looked at him, I saw that this student can get a top 10 rank. Now, when we started preparing, he said that“Sir, I want to focus on Olympiad, rather than preparing for IIT.” We started his preparation of the Maths Olympiad in the month of August when he was in 11th standard and it went for one year because he cleared all these stages and he went to attend the camp. In that one year, he did not attend any classes in particular focusing this Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. So, he was only focused on this Maths Olympiad and when he came back from the camp, he said, “Sir, now I have lost so much of time.

Can I even make it to IIT? ” The only thing that I told him that if you remain calm in these last 6-8 months, and exactly do what I tell you, you will actually get the rank where you have aspired for in the first place. And then we started preparing him in the last6-8 months. The only thing that actually I looked at him and I felt that every time I looked at him, I felt that he is so calm; he is not disturbed. Because most of the students when they reach that stage, feel that their syllabus is incomplete, they are unable to solve some questions and they start you know, panicking.

successful strategy For JEE Exam.

But, he remained calm. In fact, he finished his syllabus in the month of April, after his mains exam. No student can remain calm as he was… and what happened? He finally got an AIR 6, and I have seen numerous cases like that. And every student has this calmness in him or her. So, this is one of the important things that I would say that if you are preparing for an exam, there are always anxiety and anxiety that comes from all around you. Sometimes your parents, sometimes your teachers are contributing factors to you and sometimes you are yourself the contributing factor to it. So, I would say that remain calm focus on one goal, listen to your teachers and mentors whatever they tell you and I think whatever rank is going to come it will come if you follow all these things. So, all the aspirants out there – take a chill pill, that’s what Anand Sir is telling you. Sir, I would like to ask you that you have seen a lot of students during their preparation. What according to you is a successful strategy as Anand said, one is calm?

Apart from that, anything else which you have noticed is something which is very critical to get you to know, a good rank, or even gets selected in these hypercompetitive exams. I have observed 2-3 things among successful students. First is their high sincerity level. For instance, I have seen many of my top-ranked students’ dedication up to a level that, even if someday I would say them that tomorrow’s class will be taken by my computer operator and not by me. I just said them jokingly. The faith level in that students clearly indicated that they would not even miss that class also. They place all their faith in their teacher and their sincerity level is way too high. So, this is one thing which I have observed, and as Anand Sir said that these students normally do not distract that much.

They mostly focus on only one book. Focussed, right… I think the faith thing which you have pointed out is very critical. I think, you know, we notice a lot, right? Students go to one teacher for some advice then they go to some other teacher for some other advice, they may then go to his friend for some other advice. The first teacher might suggest they refer to book A and book B. The second teacher would suggest referring to book C and D. His friend might be referring to some other book. In this complete process, we have seen students getting confused a lot of times and this is the story of each and every place. So, what would you suggest the aspirants, as there are many of them watching this? So, what would you advise them for improvement, as this a very common behavior we have seen across, right?

Different Sources For JEE.

Students referring 10 different sources and getting confused. See, Vamsi Sir, there is no fixed rule in social science. For example, Anand Sir may have certain thinking owing to his experience. I may also have some other perspective with reference to mine. We both are right And at times they could also contradict one another completely. Our strategies might be completely different! So in social science, this is a common thing that strategies can differ from person to person.

On the other hand, in science, if F=Ma then it would be the same everywhere. You and I will be on the same page. If someone is saying = M/a, then he is wrong. This is not the case in Social Science. everyone has something different to say with reference to their own experiences. There are times when 2 people might have the same experience. Basically, you are the one to decide which suits you the best. Sometimes, it varies from person to person.

You need to contemplate and decide which strategy works best for me. But, you should finally stick to any one of them… right? Exactly! Anand, anything you want to like to add to that? The underlined thing is the focus and…focus only on one thing, either book, teachers, or whatever. So, I think one should not deviate in these two years because there is too much pressure.

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