Conversation With IAS Toppers 2016 Part-3

Till 12th grade, I studied in Hindi medium. And during college, I studied in the English medium. But that has an advantage, you are fluent in both mediums. The thing is if you are able to communicate what you want to say, regarding the personality test, If you are able to communicate what you are thinking, you can also convey your message in Hindi during the interview. There is no rule you have to communicate in a certain language based on your choice of medium. You have to communicate what you are thinking. What you think is important.

Roman: So this question is for Artika. Artika, like I have seen people in Rajendra Nagar, Mukherjee Nagar, & throughout India, they buy 20 different books for the same topic…. So what is your opinion is a good idea: To read the same source, from like 10 different books or like read 1 book 10 times and revise it more often… like what do you think? Artika: I have seen it as well, even I have done it for few months of my preparation, but, with all this wisdom that has come with the result, I would say….. that you shouldn’t do this, I have dealt with this in my MBBS also, and my optional was also Medical Science… in that there are 18 subjects, and if you join 10 different sources for it, you will end up with 180 books. So, don’t try to do this, of course in case of GS or General Awareness, I would say, make an opinion from 3-4 places…. once you have an opinion, go for one source. Revise all static content or any factual things and stick to one book, don’t roam around, it’s a waste of time.

Roman: Gazal, despite knowing these facts, I have still seen students going again & again…. does it, like, provide a mental comfort that you have 200 books? Gazal: See, I can personally connect to it, because, from my school time I have been a perfectionist sort of a person, so if I’m studying an issue…. I want that I should know everything about this, but believe me and this is personal advice to everyone who’s preparing. Don’t do this. Because what happens is like, there are so many issues and if you try to bring perfection into everything, then you won’t be able to clear the exams in 10 years too.

Unacademy has changed the way students prepare for this examination.

Roman: How do you think that Unacademy has changed the way students prepare for this examination? Gazal: You have tried to also share the success stories of people who are working in their respective fields… so, seeing things from their eyes, how they tackle various situations when they are working, that is one good innovative thing to do… because it shows you if you want to opt for CAT, why do you want to opt for it. What kind of challenges you may face ahead in your career, in UPSC exams, so that is one good thing which I liked. Artika: I think, Unacademy is a wonderful platform for sharing of knowledge. I have watched prelims videos, art, and cultures, geography, and the environment so, those videos are very nice.

When you watch a video, it’s interactive, you can listen to it while you’re walking… so, that is one way in which it has changed the preparation I think. Rather than sitting in the library with a book, let it be environment or art and culture, other mundane topics.. in addition, I think the toppers videos or the motivational part of Unacademy has been very helpful to me…. because, I do get motivated by topper videos, so those are things that have changed the way a student prepares for Examinations. Roman: So, Artika, a lot of myths are associated with Civil Services Examinations, would you like to mention a few which you have encountered?

Artika: Yes, a lot of myths, I had some myths, but I encountered one Recently someone had asked me when I was getting felicitated at a place, that how many years should it take to study optional…. as in, what is your opinion, there are coachings for 3 or 4 months, so how much time for optional? so, to all these people I want to say on camera, I have spent about 7 and a half years with my optional….. probably then, I could score so well that I got through. You don’t have to spend so much, of course, because I did MBBS in Medical Science But, there are a few vague things like in option how much time would it take, I think if it’s your graduation subject, it will take less time…or if its something that you are new to… like how engineers take up new subjects, maybe you can finish it in a year or so. Roman: Shashank?

Shashank: One big myth is that how many hours you used to study? Mostly, some people think its 10 or 12 hours… Roman: Some say 25 hours you have to study. Shashank: Yeah, once I read in a newspaper, that a student from Mukherjee Nagar, that he has been studying for 20 hours in the past 3 years and still, I did not get selected. So I would like to clear that, I think, 5-6 hours is sufficient and during exam time, you have to put in more efforts and revise everything. Roman: So Artika, do you agree that an average or an above-average person can crack this examination with hard work?

you are not very intelligent.

Artika: Yes, I agree that intelligence, IQ, Institute, etc..these are the things that matter to an extent… but I would very clearly say that the one thing that you need to clear is a very persistent and stubborn refusal to give up. If you have that, then you won’t lose hope. Through intelligence, hard work, luck… the process is such that you will gain it. Even if you are not very intelligent initially, you will be intelligent.

You have read the newspapers every day, of course, you are intelligent now. But, you should not give up. That is the trait that people should implement. Roman: So, Gazal, everything under the sun is asked in the prelim examination. How can one prepare for this exam? Gazal: See, for prelims, I would say rather than going for a secluded strategy, we must plan instead. We must plan how we are supposed to integrate… prelims preparation with our mains preparation as well as the interview.

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