Conversation With IAS Toppers 2016 Part-2

Shashank No, it’s not possible Because, your motivation should be such, which connects you to the core of the work that you do there is social prestige, dowry, many things like these…. very difficult to think that people would even prepare for such things… but yeah, people do that… and these things are not sustainable because you might think that you have a red light car or a blue light car and you’ll use it for 5 or 6 months and get used to it you’ll use a cooler and, get adjusted to it…then you’ll use an AC and, get adjusted to that too. Then, you’ll start ignoring all these things You will be having a career of 30-40 years and for this, your motivation should be the right one. Artika: Yes it’s true, personally, even I think that this exam is such that someday or the other, it would bring you down to your knees if you come with thoughts of things like social prestige, car, house, etc, you cannot prepare.

the first year of preparation.

There were times during my first year of preparation itself… when I had to delve inside and find a true motivation. which can light your way through this very difficult but, worth it journey Roman Saini: So Gazal, this question is directed to you. Like, Artika has studied in Delhi. Graduation.. she came after 12th class in Delhi then, there are people like Shashank, who topped this Examination, they come from IIT Kanpur, there is a strong alumnus network, every year there is one of the other senior who gets in the top 10 ranks but, like, you come from a small town in Uttarakhand, so there are a lot of people who live in Chattisgarh, North-East who can’t come to Delhi to access this coaching, nor they can tap into an alumnus network, where they can ask them what books to read and all… How difficult it is for a person who cannot come to Delhi to crack this examination?

Gazal: See, I agree, studying in Delhi has its own advantages… the thing is for a person who’s staying, as you said, in Chattisgarh, or Jharkhand, over there, you don’t understand from where to start your preparations so the starting point is the first important issue and that is the reason people come to Delhi because with the coaching they want to figure out the syllabus, and study that… in that sense, they can see, in today’s era, the internet has really breached the boundaries because now the whole syllabus with proper discussions and what books to read, everything is available online and there are so many good online forums that explain how you can go about it so that barrier, I agree… so in today’s era, I have this message for students that they don’t necessarily have to come to Delhi to prepare.

IIT Kanpur.

Roman: Shashank, you can answer this better, you’re from IIT Kanpur…. Rank 1, 2, 3, 4… all of them are from IIT Kanpur, one or the other time Shashank: Actually, if there are people around you who have qualified these exams or got good ranks, you feel it’s possible because you see them day to day, things they do… Generally, the perception is that, just because he has got good ranks, wondering what he must be studying the whole day, what he must be eating but, when you see them, they are living just like us, their ways, strategies, and efforts that they apply… and through that they got rank, it feels believable and possible, so obviously that helps. Roman: You had Sanskrit as an optional subject, but there are a lot of people who say that you have to be really fluent in English…. to crack this Examination.

There is a lot of myth going on that if you are from a Non- English medium… Especially, Hindi medium, you’ll not be able to get a good rank or crack this examination, so what is your take on this? Shashank: I don’t think there is any problem on Examination level, there is a problem in the availability of the content….. the problems, the Hindi medium students face are that, nowadays, the exam pattern is pretty dynamic… a lot of things are provided in the books but you need to take help of the internet as well where most of the content is in English.

Hindi medium background.

So, there is a problem because of this but you can also overcome that. I have a lot of friends with Hindi medium background who have tackled it. So, I don’t think that’s essential but, it is a roadblock as of now because all the content is available in English mostly. Roman: I’ll put another question for this if you are from an English medium background but, you are not fluent in it….. either in speaking or in writing.. you make a lot of grammatical errors, you can’t speak it properly…. then, especially people who are coming from Eastern India, they face a lot of this problem, they have English as a medium but, they can write but are not fluent with it. Then, Artika, what do you think? Is it a mandatory requirement that you should be good at it, as an English speaker? Artika: As a speaker? See, if it’s a grammatical error, you have to work on it, because if the medium is English, you have to write the answer in English.

As a speaker, I don’t think it really matters. 2 months prior to the interview, start preparing, give mock interviews, work on your poise and comfort, the way you express yourself, and no… I don’t think this is such a big roadblock in interviews. Because this is a drawback if you are not able to speak well. You should speak well and work on it. It is not a challenge. It can be overcome quickly in a course of a few days. Shashank: I would like to differ on this a little because the upbringing is quite different just like how you mentioned earlier, you get very less exposure There are a lot of people who have studied in Hindi medium, then they study college in English medium. They are then unable to relate to which medium they are. This happened to me too.

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